Andrew Phelps

“I’ve worked with Recruitment Solutions for over two years in my capacity as Office Products Software Systems Team Leader and more recently as the Office Products Software Systems Manager. My contact with Recruitment Solutions has been through Mark Way although this is limited to the identification and interviewing of candidates, our Human Resources department handles the terms and conditions negotiations.
I’ve been very happy with the quality of service I’ve received from Mark when I’ve been in the position to recruit new members of my Team. Mark works very hard to understand our requirements, this is partly to do with the long relationship he’s had with my predecessor Nigel Aston and also the amount of feedback and contact Mark provides and elicits.
It is rare that I reject a candidate based on their CV as Mark pre-screens and pre-interviews candidates for us to ensure suitability. Most candidates referred by Mark are interviewed by us at least once. This is great for a hiring manager as I know that candidates received from Mark will pass our scrutiny and I do not have to spend my valuable time reviewing large numbers of CVs only to reject them.
Mark handles the interview arrangements for us with minimal fuss and always provides a concise email confirming the interview dates and times, again saving me time and effort. I am happy that Mark always calls after a candidate has been interviewed to get our initial feedback; I believe this helps Mark in his pre-screening process and also means we can quickly arrange second interviews for promising candidates without protracted communication.
Of the candidates referred to us by Mark we also rarely reject them outright after interviewing them leaving us in the great position to be able to interview a number of quality candidates and pick the best suited.
In my current recruitment drive I have four open positions, currently I’ve offered three of these four positions to candidates Mark provided. The fourth position is still open. In summary, Mark has made it his business to understand our business needs and works very hard to help us recruit the candidates we require. I look forward to using Recruitment Solutions when we need to recruit in the future.”
Andrew Phelps, OPDU Software Systems Manager